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Private clinic for mental illness triggered by COVID-19

The effects of COVID-19 on our psyche

The Corona pandemic has drastically changed everyday (social) life in Germany for many people. After a year of uncertainty and fear, as well as isolation, social distancing and increased home working, many people’s power reserves have been depleted. The uncertainty as to when one can return to “normal” everyday life puts a heavy strain on the psyche . This permanent state of helplessness and inability to act, caused by the Corona pandemic, often leads to many people exceeding their stress limit. Once this limit is exceeded, mental illnesses such as depression, burnout, anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may develop or intensify.

As a specialized private clinic for psychiatric, psychosomatic and stress-related illnesses, we would like to help you find your way back into life with renewed strength. For this purpose, our multimodal team of specialists and therapists develops a holistic and highly individualized treatment concept that is tailored to your needs and your corona-related mental illness.

If you notice that the corona pandemic is causing you severe mental suffering, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligation. You can reach us anytime by phone at +49 9741 7540 540 and we are here for you.


The psychological symptoms caused by COVID-19 are numerous. When one’s own stress limit is exceeded, various psychological symptoms can manifest themselves. These include social isolation, inner restlessness, anxiety, tension, exhaustion, but also somatic complaints such as stomach problems, tinnitus, headaches and aching limbs.


The causes can be varied and depend on the stress level of each individual

  • Loneliness and social isolation
  • Contact restrictions
  • Limited freedom
  • Fear of contracting the corona virus
  • Fear for relatives and loved ones
  • Existential fears
  • Overwork due to home working and homeschooling
  • Long-COVID
  • Increased emotional stress due to COVID-19 exacerbates already existing mental illnesses


Due to the various effects of Corona on our psyche, it can lead to various psychiatric disorders such as, among others

  • Corona Depression
  • Corona Burnout
  • Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders caused by Corona
  • Post-traumatic stress disorders, for example due to a bad corona course
  • Pathological exhaustion and fatigue up to fatigue syndrome
  • Long-COVID
 chief physician
Dr. med. Kjell R. Brolund-Spaether chief physician

“Corona virus can have a powerful impact on mental well-being. At our clinic, you’ll find inpatient help in coping with Corona-related mental illness.”

Holistic treatment concept

As a clinic for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics, we treat your mental illnesses that have newly developed or have been intensified by Corona. We are here for you and will not leave you alone in this difficult situation! In our interdisciplinary team we put together an individual offer for you, specialized in the treatment of Long-COVID, Corona-Depression, Corona-Burnout, as well as Anxiety and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders caused by the Corona Crisis.

To create the best conditions for a speedy recovery, our specialists and psychologists develop a therapy concept tailored to your individual needs. Among other things, behavioral and depth psychological methods are used here, which can support you in overcoming the psychological consequences of Corona virus.

We want to help you find your way back into life with renewed strength.

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