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Strengthen body and mind with LIMES Sports.Care

Intensive. Innovative. Individual

Regular movement is essential for a healthy body and balanced mind. Sport is therefore an important tool for strengthening health and well-being. In addition, regular movement can help to relieve tension and create a daily structure. Thus, sport is the optimal complement for our holistic treatment concept. With our specially developed LIMES Sports.Care sports program, we have designed an individualizable training program for our patients that ties in with therapy goals and supports holistic recovery.

Designed individually for each patient

With our sports program, we are particularly concerned with strengthening mental and physical health. For this reason, we develop a training concept with LIMES Sports.Care that motivates our patients to integrate sports into their everyday lives even after their hospital stay.

In addition, our sports scientists create an individual training plan for each patient in a 4-hour process. This is based on the type of movement and the current level of training, wishes and goals, and a detailed basic diagnosis that determines the current athletic condition. The results are then evaluated and analyzed by our experts and adapted to the individual therapy in a multi-professional team. In this way, we can offer our patients a training concept that does not lead to excessive demands, but still optimally exploits and promotes the individual possibilities. In this way, LIMES Sports.Care contributes in the best possible way to the success of the treatment.

Discover the fun of sports

At LIMES Schlossklinik Fürstenhof, we offer a diverse and multifaceted range of sports. In addition to cardio training, strength training, walking and aqua training, we also offer group sessions. Whatever sports you choose, our sports scientists are always on hand to support you.