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Our LIMES 360° treatment concept

Holistic. Personal. Individual

With our LIMES 360° formula, we support you in recovering holistically and sustainably. From our unique treatment concept, we work with you to select the most effective components and combine them into a personalized treatment plan. Your individual needs and wishes are included in all decisions. This results in sustainable therapy measures that can be integrated into everyday life even after your stay at the Schlossklinik Fürstenhof.


A wide range of psychotherapy methods are used in individual and group settings. The frequency and content of the sessions are closely coordinated with you and the medical requirements. In addition, we offer gender-specific family and couples sessions as needed.

LIMES Sports.Care

Sports play a major role in our therapy concept. Our LIMES Sports.Care program was developed together with the stress expert, sports physician and cardiologist, Prof. Uwe Nixdorff, MD. From a variety of offers, an individual, innovative and sustainable sports program is put together that is optimally tailored to your needs.

Adjuvant therapies

We offer further individualized special therapies such as mindfulness and relaxation therapy, music, movement, occupational and physical therapy as well as animal-assisted therapy. You can find an overview of our therapy offers here.


Nutrition is an essential component of the holistic approach to therapy and an active contribution to maintaining and promoting the mental and physical health of the individual. During the intake interview, your nutritional habits are discussed and the resulting goals are implemented in our wholesome, regional and fresh cuisine.

Somatic medicine

We look at you as a whole. Therefore, our diagnostics and treatment include not only psychological aspects but also physical symptoms. Our medical team is in close contact with the other experts. This allows us to take into account the interplay between body and soul in the individual treatment.

Healing Environment

Our environment has an impact on mental and physical well-being. A protected, quiet environment promotes recovery. In the beautiful natural landscape around LIMES Schlossklinik Fürstenhof you can relax and gain new strength. Our buildings and premises are also designed in a health-promoting and stress-reducing way.

Our treatment spectrum includes the entire general psychiatric treatment spectrum. Stress-related disorders such as affective disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, chronic somatoform disorders, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, disorders from the schizophrenic spectrum, and depressive disorders/bipolar disorders.

We follow a strictly individualized therapy concept with therapy plans tailored to the individual. As psychotherapeutic treatment modules, we use a variety of resource-, problem- and emotion-oriented therapy techniques:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • systemic psychotherapy
  • EMDR therapy

As well as schema-therapeutic approaches, psychoeducation, self-confidence training, stress management training, mindfulness training, autogenic training, progressive relaxation, biofeedback and occupational therapy techniques, just to name the most important ones.
In terms of the holistic treatment of patients, it is the goal of the LIMES Schlossklinik to offer both behavioral therapy and depth psychology guided therapies, verbal as well as non-verbal, in close interaction in accordance with guidelines and yet individualized.

An integrative, cross-school approach in combination with special therapeutic, partly non-verbal offers, results in a demonstrable improvement in sustainability. This is further supported by close aftercare planning in collaboration with the referrers, which can be therapist-guided either in person or web-based.

Our treatment focuses on high-frequency psychotherapeutic behavioral therapy, which each patient receives several times a week as part of their intensive therapy.
In the context of mental illness, recurrent crises are also not uncommon. Crisis interventions are provided by our psychological psychotherapists on an individual basis at any time, and from there on whenever deemed necessary.

Furthermore, our offer is supplemented with 2 psychotherapeutic group therapies of 100 minutes each per week.

The medical care includes several doctor contacts per week, among other things several rounds (chief physician rounds, specialist rounds) as well as specialist lectures about the different clinical pictures. In our clinic, round-the-clock medical and nursing presence is a matter of course; it is also guaranteed by the clinic at night and on weekends. In addition, a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy is on call around the clock. Crisis and normal rooms are available in our clinic.

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