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Private clinic for psychosis

When reality and perception become blurred

When those affected experience a psychosis, it usually has a drastic effect on them. They lose touch with reality and often suffer from threatening delusions or hallucinations. They often react to this in fear and despair. Many withdraw, break off contacts and try to suppress their tension and fears. A typical characteristic of psychosis is the reduced insight into the illness of those affected. Their relatives find it difficult to get through to them in this state and meet with resistance when they recommend medical help. The chances of recovery are considered to be better the earlier treatment begins. In our private clinic, we specialize in the treatment of psychosis.

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Psychosis symptoms

Symptoms can vary greatly during the course of the disease and can vary from patient to patient. They can be divided into different categories:

Positive symptoms

These symptoms occur during the phase of acute psychosis. Hallucinations may occur, which is the perception of things that do not exist in reality. For example, the affected person imagines hearing voices. Another characteristic symptom is delirium: It is characterized by sufferers holding on to objectively false beliefs or ideas. For example, they believe that they are being followed, monitored, or manipulated by other people. During psychosis, thinking may also be affected. This may be manifested by confused thinking (“thought disorder”) and bizarre expressive behavior.

Negative symptoms

  • Lack of contact, social withdrawal
  • Decreased emotional expression
  • Reduction of activity
  • Slowing down of cognitive processes, concentration and attention disorders

Consequences of psychoses

  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Social isolation
  • Addictive behavior
  • Suicidality
  • Depersonalization

Causes and backgrounds of psychosis

In principle, anyone can suffer from psychosis. Its development is explained by an interaction of predispositions and environmental factors. Physiological and biological characteristics can play a role as innate predisposition. A significant influence is attributed to functional and structural changes of the brain.

Even if some such factors are present, it may be only certain stresses and environmental factors that occur during life that trigger psychosis. These include chronic or excessive stress, drastic life events, psychological stress or the use of drugs.

 chief physician
Dr. med. Kjell R. Brolund-Spaether chief physician

“Our experienced team of physicians and therapists will support you on your road to recovery with individualized and holistic therapy.”

Holistic treatment concept for psychosis

We treat psychosis holistically in our clinic. To this end, we develop an individually tailored treatment consisting of high-frequency psychotherapy, complementary pharmacotherapy, medical care and additional specialized therapy services. The development of a trusting relationship between you and our specialist experts is of particular importance in this clinical picture. We focus on understanding, patience and transparency. You will be involved in the treatment planning and all therapy measures will be discussed with you comprehensively.

Psychotherapeutically, we follow an integrative approach. This means that our therapists work with elements of depth psychology and cognitive behavioral therapy. During therapy, personal risk factors are identified and strategies are developed to reduce them. Psychoeducation is a mainstay of treatment: you will be comprehensively informed about the triggers, consequences and mechanisms of your illness. With a better understanding of the disease, it is easier for them to reduce fears. Psychoeducation also serves the long-term success of the therapy: you learn to interpret characteristic early warning signs.

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