Dr. Gian Piero Boe

Senior Psychologist LIMES Schlossklinik F├╝rstenhof, Psychological Psychotherapist

Dr. Gian P. Boe is a proven specialist in the field of behavioral therapy and has almost 30 years of professional experience. His professional focus is on the treatment of trauma and depression.

After successfully completing his studies in hypnotherapy, Dr. Boe also earned his doctorate in psychology from the prestigious University of Padua. During his professional years, he completed a variety of advanced trainings, including EMDR, Brain Spotting and Somatic Experiencing
In addition, he was involved in the foundation and was the coordinator of the Psychotherapeutic Training Institute Heiligenfeld, where he also held a lecturer position.
Since 2017, Dr. Boe has served as a Senior Psychological Psychotherapist.