Konstantinos Koutsonasios, M.D.

Head Physician LIMES Schlossklinik Fürstenhof, Specialist in Psychiatry and Psychotherapy

Dr. med. Konstantinos Koutsonasios is a proven specialist in the treatment of mental disorders and diseases of the entire psychiatric-psychotherapeutic and psychosomatic spectrum.

After successfully completing his studies in human medicine at the Aristoteleio University of Thessaloniki, Dr. med. Koutsonasios completed his specialist training at the University psychiatric model clinic of the St. Marien Hospital Hamm as a student of the eminent social psychiatrist Prof. Dr. K. H. Beine. Since 2015, Mr. Koutsonasios, MD, had been working there as a senior physician. The focus of Dr. med. Koutsonasios is on specialist psychiatric care and psychotherapeutic treatment, which is behavioral therapy oriented. Furthermore, Dr. Koutsonasios researched in the field of early detection of presuicidal affect and suicide prevention. On the topic of behavior in acute suicidality in emergency services, Dr. Koutsonasios, MD, regularly gives seminars.